Toasted berry Toast.

Loads of toasted flavors.

Toasted Berries and Brown butter Ricotta held together for a fun toast.

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Toasting berries is a great way to boost their natural flavor without too much effort. A pan and heat are all you need. Pairing them with Brown butter Ricotta along with cardamom makes for a fun toasted berry pairing.

Toasted Berries

Toasted Berries

Toasting the berries bring out a new robust flavor from them. It’s a simple technique that only takes a few minutes. It’s doable with most berries as well. Dark caramel and molasses are not notes usually associated with berries, but we can get them there. Berries are full of sugar ripe for caramelization. The outer sugars get toasted and caramelized while the insides stay fresh. We’re also increasing the berries’ perceived sweetness. Us humans perceive sweetness more when foods are warm. Toasted berries bring some extra sweetness without the extra sugar. Most berries are available to toast. Berries on the delicate side may lose their shape a bit.

  • strawberries
  • blackberries
  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • currant berries

All Good berries

Toasted Berry toast plated


For toasts like this, you always want denser bread. Denser bread can hold the weight of all the ingredients on top. No one wants their berry toast to collapse seconds after getting on the plate. Always slice your bread in a 200 page book minimum as well. Bread with earthy and caramel notes works great here. Find yourself dense whole wheat. Something interesting and complex is fun too. I used an anadama loaf from a local bakery. The molasses flavor in the bread pairs great with the toasted berries and brown butter ricotta.

Brown butter Ricotta

Brown butter ricotta prep

Adding a bit of brown butter gives the ricotta a little extra complexity. Ricotta’s mildness is a canvas for new flavors. Brown butter’s nuttiness works great with berries. The flavor may be subtle, but it’s there. Be sure not to burn the brown butter. Once It gets a caramel color take it off the heat. Burnt butter will clash with the berries and be bitter. Be sure not to over-mix the ricotta and butter. a few folds and that’s it. Ricotta will lose its light texture from too much agitation.

I enjoy the pairing of berries and cardamom. It’s a simple spice that doesn’t contrast too much with a faint sweetness. If you’re feeling a classic combo, cinnamon and nutmeg do the job.

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Snag yourself some berries and give this toast a try. Great for breakfast or an afternoon bite. I’m sure your taste buds will love this toasted berry ricotta toast.

Toasted Berry toast with Brown butter ricotta

Toasted Berries and Brown butter Ricotta held together for a fun toast.
Servings 1
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • 1C Mixed strawberries, blueberries, blackberries.
  • ¼ tsp ground cardamom
  • 1 Large slice of bread.

Brown butter ricotta

  • 1/2C 113G butter
  • 1C (300g) Ricotta
  • 1/2C (112g) Marscapone


Toasted berries

  • Get a large pan and place on mediums heat.
  • Add the berries and toast until fragrant and start to darken. Black spots from toasting are ok here.
  • Gently agitate with a spatula to evenly toast the berries.
  • When done remove from heat and save for later use

Brown butter ricotta

  • Get a large bowl and fil with ice and salt
  • Melt the butter o medium low heat. Cook until the butter becomes amber in color.
  • Remove from heat and place the bottom of the pot into the ice bath. Whisk until the butter re solidifies. Remove from the ice bath
  • Fold in the mascarpone until combined then ricotta.
  • refrigerate for later use.

Toasted Berry toast

  • Pull the brown butter ricotta from the refrigerator. let sit at room temp for 10 minuets,
  • Slice you bread into a 1 to 1&1/2 inch slice and toast.
  • Layer a spoonful of the ricotta on top then the berries.
  • Dust with ground cardamom and enjoy.
Author: Anfernee Milton
Course: Breakfast, brunch, lunch
Cuisine: American
Keyword: blackberries, Brown butter, pesto toast, ricotta, Tartine, toasted berries
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